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Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Winter Truck Driving

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As we know, we are almost at the end of November and winters are approaching. Driving a truck in winter conditions demands a specific set of skills for all professional truck drivers. It is necessary to adapt your driving style or get winter truck driving training when driving in poor weather conditions, especially on snow-covered or icy roads. Whether you are a new or seasoned driver, winter roads can be dangerous. As we head into the midst of a gray and cold winter, it’s important to continue protecting fleet operations when driving in adverse weather conditions. Even when the holiday season is over, the short, cold days will continue.

Here are a few truck driving tips for you:

Carry a cell phone and make sure it is charged. 

Cell phone batteries can freeze in extremely cold weather, so don’t leave your phone in the vehicle for extended periods of time.

There is no load worth your life. 

If you experience extreme driving conditions, try to find a safe spot to wait it out as trucking in winter can be difficult. Let your logbook gain some hours. If you can’t find a spot in a truck stop, park on a ramp or anywhere that is safe and out of the way. Try not to park on an incline, as you may get stuck

Slow down, stay alert and drive according to weather conditions

Many winter collisions occur because drivers are going too fast for road conditions. Slow down and allow extra space between your truck and other vehicles. Focus on the road and other vehicles around you. Look for reflections on the road surface – what looks like water may be ice! Be cautious on bridges — they freeze first. If ice is building up on your truck, then it may also be forming on the road.

Watch for black ice.

 Black ice is a thin layer of transparent ice that forms when the temperature is close to freezing. Look for ice build-up on your windshield; this is a clue that conditions are favourable for black ice to develop. Slow down when approaching shaded areas, bridges, and overpasses as these sections of road freeze sooner than others in cold weather.

Share the road, especially with snowplows

Avoid crowding the centre line – this could result in head-on collisions. Also, allow other vehicles room to travel safely.

It is dangerous to pass a snowplow. Slow down as you approach a plow from behind, be patient and give it room to do its job. It will pull off when it reaches the end of its route.

Obey Road Closures

Do not attempt to drive on closed roads until they re-open – it’s against the law and it’s closed for your safety! Always obey emergency road closure signs and barriers and follow the directions of police officers.

Know when to stop

There’s a good time and a bad time to stop driving. When winter conditions become so treacherous that driving no longer becomes possible, find a place to stop. wherever possible, do not stop on the hard shoulder as this will dramatically increase your chances of being hit. Instead, drive carefully to a gas station or any 24-hour establishment and wait until visibility increases.

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