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Driving in bad weather, especially in snow and on ice, is risky due to more ‘stop time’ required, poor visibility, poor traction and the increased unpredictability of other drivers on the road. Winter weather is often the most challenging and dangerous for commercial truck drivers. While most if not all truckers are familiar with the usual rules of the road, these are some lesser-known tips to keep drivers safe and efficient during the winter. They have the knowledge and experience for making good decisions when conditions are not safe, and when it’s time to ‘get off the road’ and always look on your right for truck safety signs. Always carry a truck safety inspection checklist along with you. Our office is open these days and Planet financial is taking all the precautions in the office and maintaining our safety measures. During COVID-19 Pandemic it is important to take care of our health and Some Safe Winter Truck Driving Safety Tips includes:


As we all know during these hard times sanitizing our hands has become a crucial factor in everyone’s life and it is for our safety. We should always clean our hands and sanitize them while we are at any gas station or just had our lunch. We should adopt this habit and do it more often.

Wearing Mask

It plays a vital role while we are meeting other people or visiting new places. Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off, and after you touch it at any time. Make sure it covers both your nose, mouth and chin. When you take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag, and every day wash it. If it’s a fabric mask or disposes of a medical mask in a trash bin. Don’t use masks with valves.

Slow down

 Most accidents occur because drivers don’t adjust their speed according to the road conditions. While driving on a snow-covered road, you may need to compensate for the poor traction by reducing your speed. Moreover, going slow will also give you more time to react if anything goes wrong.

Keep a safe following distance

Do you know that the stopping distance on a wet road is twice the normal stopping distance? And on icy roads, it’s almost 10 times! So, leave plenty of room between your best winter truck and the vehicle in front of you so that you have enough space to move out of harm’s way in case of unpredictable situations. It’s always good to put extra space between yourself and some of the terrible driversyou might meet during the winter months.

Take Evasive Action-Sometimes

It’s better to take evasive action than hard braking, especially on a snow-covered road. If your speed is around 25-30mph, consider decelerating your truck slightly around the obstacles to avoid a collision.

Do not try to be a hero

When the road conditions are severe, you need to recognize that it’s very dangerous to be out there. Hours of service rules, dispatchers etc., are extra pressures when in a difficult, dangerous position. Do not feel that you are letting anyone down by not meeting a scheduled appointment. Have proper winter truck tires for your safety.


Try not to do anything forcefully in bad weather. Anti-locking Braking Systems (ABS) can be your friend when used properly. If your vehicle has an anti-locking braking system (ABS), you should press and hold the brake down as far as possible in an emergency. The ABS prevents the wheels from locking, enabling you to steer around obstacles. If not equipped, when you need to slow down quickly in slippery conditions, try lightly pumping your brakes.

Don’t forget to treat your fuel

According to an article on Coops Are Open, a truck safety information website, cold temperatures can cause diesel to gel which can prevent a truck from running. The website suggests stocking up on anti-gel in advance of bad weather. That way, you will not get stuck searching for it when the bad weather moves in and other truck drivers start buying it all up. Above all else, be sure to use your best judgment in bad conditions. You’re the one out there on the road, so if it doesn’t seem safe to be driving then you might be better off waiting it out.

Keep a candle

Yes, keep it in your truck with a metal coffee cup as a worst-case scenario for providing heat in your truck. This won’t keep your whole body warm but should be enough to keep your hands from getting frostbite if you have no other heat options.

Keep tractor and trailer lights clean

The visibility is quite poor in inclement weather conditions. Don’t forget to clear lights and tractor trailers covered in snow and ice and turn on the headlights of your truck. This will allow the other drivers to see you and maintain a safe distance from your truck.

Team Planet Financial hopes that all the truck drivers drive safe during winters and our agents are always ready to help you with truck financing, heavy equipment financing, refinancing, engine repair loan all over Canada. Sign up for our newsletter for our recent updates and get special offers on truck loans. Apply online for quick approvals for your own or commercial truck loans or Call us and book an appointment. We would be happy to serve you.

Source: MTA

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