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Type of Reefer Trailers


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Choose the right trailer for your freight and save money for your business by learning about the different types of trailers based on load capacity and purpose. Trucks require trailers to carry the load. Trailers are the extra carrier vehicles you must have seen attached to the truck while driving on the highway. There are many types of trailers, each having a different load capacity and a different purpose.

What is a reefer trailer?

Refrigerated trailers include both refrigerators and freezers; the difference might be a technicality to some, but the ability to maintain that few degrees on difference is extremely important to ensure the goods transported remain in good state. The second category refers to the cryogenic reefer. These reefer truck or reefer truck for rental are very rare as they are mostly used for medical and technical companies due to the extremely low temperatures that they are built to preserve. Occasionally government agencies and medical companies will avail of these trucks, but they are mostly used in extreme cases.

The third category refers to heated trucks. While most produce would require the use of cold to preserve their good quality, occasionally the use of a warmer environment is just the type of service that is required.

It is essentially a dry van that has been insulated and stocked with a cooling system so that items needing to be kept cold can be transported and kept fresh. This type of trailer is used to carry frozen food items as well as produce. The weight capacity is the same as a dry van.

Refrigerated Trailer Dimensions

Usually, a refrigerated trailer is 53ft in length, but in some cases, it can be 48ft.

  •    Can only be loaded and unloaded from the rear with a forklift
  •    Dock required for loading and unloading
  •    The deck van height is 4 ft. from the ground
  •    The maximum haul weight is 43,000lbs, but dry van carriers prefer to stick around up to 40,000

The reefer unit comprises of several units which control different functions served by these containers.


This section consists of a compressor with an H.P. switch and power cable storage compartment. There is a modulation and suction solenoid valve that controls the gas flow. Safety fittings like moisture indicator, pressure relief valve, are present which are further enhanced by electronic monitoring through various sensor.


There is a condenser fan and motor along with a condenser coil and saturation sensor in this section. The condenser air gets pulls from the bottom of the container and then discharged horizontally through the centre. There are certain units which use a water-cooled condenser or receiver and are comparatively more expensive.


In this section there is a temperature sensing bulb, return recorder bulb sensor and a thermostatic expansion valve. An evaporator coil and heater, drain pan, defrost, and heat transmission switches are assembled here. The function of the evaporator fan is to circulate the air throughout the container. This is done by pulling the air at the top of the refrigerator unit and directing it through evaporator coil where it is either heated or cooled and then dissipated out at the bottom into the container.

Fresh Air Vent

When you are shipping commodities which require fresh air circulation, these are required and must be kept closed while shipping frozen goods. The air exchange within the container depends on the static pressure deferential which changes according to how the container is loaded.

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