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Most Popular Trucking Apps

Driving a commercial truck is not easy work. It entails long hours on the road, by yourself and the amount of information truck drivers need and process in order to do their jobs safely and efficiently is staggering. Fortunately, there are a wide range of trucking apps available to help drivers manage and streamline this process.

Besides, high and comfortable paychecks are among the reasons why people seem to be joining the trucking bandwagon left and right. So, here we’ve come up with some trucking apps to make life on the road more manageable.

Trucker Tools

This mobile friendly app was designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. It’s free to download and use and provides comprehensive information on everything from regional fuel prices, to truck washes, rest areas and impending weather conditions. It also contains a job listing board and message forum, invoicing options and a whole host of other relevant process management software which makes being on the road easier to deal with.

uShip Mobile

You might have also heard about this trusted trucking application. For those who have just plunged into this industry, it is similar to eBay for transportation jobs. uShip, being the highly reputed transportation marketplace, lets shippers and driers to carry out transport jobs.

This trucking application supports both Android and iOS devices. So, whenever people post transportation job on the app, nearby truckers get access to the job details. After that, truckers can bid and set a price to get the job done. The shipper selects the best bid and set the deal.

From effective routes suggestions to view and manage shipments, this application serves many purposes. It is the reason why it is among the best apps for truckers.

CAT Scale

Another app for the Android platform, this one lets drivers access information on CAT scale locations wherever they are. Drivers can locate and save this information for later so that they are not spending valuable time searching for weigh stations later on. The app recognizes a driver’s geographical position and searches the area based on that.


When it comes to connecting the trucking fleets to their dispatchers, the KeepTruckin app is a name to reckon in the industry. Due to this prominent trucking app, truck drivers can communicate with dispatchers effectively. Also one can send the live location to tell their accurate location at any given time. It leads to a more secure business for truckers and transparent for the consumers.

The days of filling up manual logbooks are long gone. Thanks to the advent of technology, electric logs have made it easier than ever to fill the logbooks. With the help of the KeepTruckin app, it is possible to understand who was at fault during an accident.

As the highest-rated ELD system app, it has been preferred by around 40,000 companies for their 500,000 drivers. The app is loaded with a plethora of innovative features. Some of these features are document management, proactive violation alerts, task recaps, and inspection report.


Last but not least, we have the iExit trucking application that is often called as the Fuelbook app on steroids. Similar to the Fuel book application, iExit does it for every location during the route.

It means that truckers can run this application on their smartphones near any nationwide intersection to get recommendations. Recommendations with map pinpoints for different establishments on the interstate, such as banks, hospitals, gas stations, and restaurants.

Furthermore, this application shows various amenities, including playgrounds, parking spots for trucks, and even WiFi hotspots. iExit is like a specially designed google map considering the needs of truckers. Due to the high user-friendliness, this app is the best choice among many truckers.

Source: Truckservicez, Truckloancentre

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