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How to get a heavy equipment operator job


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A heavy equipment operator is just what it sounds like—it’s someone who operates heavy equipment and typically involves driving the large vehicles you see on construction sites, such as backhoe-loaders, bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks. Heavy equipment operators build roads, erect buildings, and contribute to transportation infrastructure.  Heavy equipment operators may get their start working on a construction crew to gain experience or enroll in an apprenticeship to learn while working. Traditional colleges or technical schools can provide education and prepare you for exams and licensing. Here are the steps to become a heavy equipment operator as heavy equipment operator jobs are not as easy as it seems to find:

Earn a high school diploma or GED:

Heavy equipment operators need a high school diploma or GED to enter an apprenticeship or technical school. High school courses that may be useful for future heavy equipment operators are:

  1. Shop
  2. Mathematics
  3. Auto technology
Enter and complete heavy equipment operator training:

There are three ways to earn heavy equipment operator courses to operate heavy machinery. The first two involve entering either a union or state apprenticeship to gain plenty of on-the-job training and the potential for employment at the end of the apprenticeship. The third alternative is college or a technical school that provides training and licensing preparation

  1. Unions and state apprenticeship
  2. College and technical school
  3. Classroom training
  4. On-the-job training
Earn licenses or certifications

Depending on the job or employer, equipment operators may need a certificate or license to operate machinery. For example, crane operators need a state license or certification from a national organization such as The National Commission for the certifications of crane operators to operate mobile or tower cranes. Certifications last five years and operators may complete continuing education and go through a renewal process (which may include retesting) to keep certifications current certification and licensing exams include written and practical exams.

Obtain a commercial driver’s license

Heavy equipment operators may be required to drive trucks and trailers that transport heavy equipment from one job site to another. For that, operators need a commercial driver’s license or CDL.


The different kinds of equipment operators are:


General Equipment Operators

General equipment operators will work with excavation types of machinery—such as excavators and loading machinery with scoops or buckets. These machines are used to dig up the earth, sand, and gravel, and then load it into another vehicle that’s used for transportation. Most general operators will also be familiar with the basic vehicles used on a standard construction site

Paving and Surfacing Operators

Paving and surfacing operators are equipment operators that specialize in equipment used for, well, paving and surfacing.  Surface operators control the equipment through a series of valves and controls that regulate the temperature of the material they’re spreading and the rate that it’s flowing. Cement operators perform a similar function by using hand wheels, among other controls. The main difference between asphalt and cement operating is that asphalt is much thicker than concrete, which makes it more difficult to spread evenly. Because concrete is thinner than asphalt, concrete spreading machinery comes with useful attachments and tools to simplify the process. Concrete surface operators can use these attachments to vibrate, spread, and level concrete while it’s still wet.

Piledriver Operators

Piledriver operators are another specialty operator role and probably the least common type of heavy equipment operator there is. These operators use machinery to hammer piles into the ground on construction sites. These piles are used to support structures such as buildings, building walls, bulkheads, bridges, and piers. It’s not uncommon for pile driving equipment to be an attachment for another machine—like a crane—rather than being stand-alone machinery. Piledriver operators need to be in great physical shape and have excellent hand-eye coordination in order to perform the role safely.

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