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Food Truck for Sale


Planet Financial specializes in Trucks and Trailers Financing, Commercial Truck Financing, and Re-Financing of all types of Trucks and Trailers. We deal with both new Truck Loans, commercial truck loans, used truck loans, and trailer loans and leasing of all makes and models and can help you in getting bad credit loans in Ontario. It is tough to get a loan with no credit check in Canada.

Selling food street-side dates to the late 17th century when living conditions were cramped and many people did not have the resources to cook their own meals. Food trucks have grown in popularity since the 2008 recession and are as much of a restaurant concept as family-style dining or fast food. One of the most recognizable mobile restaurants, a food truck is a large vehicle with a kitchen on the inside. The staff prepares food in the kitchen and serves customers through a side window. With this type of restaurant, operators get the chance to travel to different locations and attract passersby with a variety of food items. As menus have expanded and the popularity of such trucks has grown, it has become more common to find food trucks in more locations than just busy street corners in densely populated cities.


  • Flexibility: The biggest pro food trucks offer is their ability to easily move to different locations. Unlike food stands, you don’t have to haul equipment with another vehicle. You simply get in the driver’s seat and hit the festivals, parks, and city streets.
  • Capaciousness: They have enough space for plenty of equipment so you can offer customers more food items. Plus, there’s space for multiple employees to provide quicker service.
  • Free ad space: You can promote your business on the exterior of the truck and grab the attention of onlookers.
  • Effortless cleaning There is less kitchen equipment to clean compared to a brick-and-mortar restaurant kitchen.


  • Heaviness: It might be hard finding a place to park and difficult to drive through narrow city streets due to their bulky size.
  • Expensive: If you run into car troubles, your business can’t continue until the vehicle is repaired. Plus, it is challenging and expensive to find replacement parts.                     

Food Truck Canada is one of the largest food truck manufacturers for new and used food trucks, especially if you’re looking for a food truck for sale in Brampton. It serves as one of the best companies for food trucks in Ontario. There are many other companies as well for food trucks in Toronto. These days people are looking for a cheap food truck, especially during summer.

Here are some places to hunt for your perfect food truck if you are looking for a food truck for sale including various websites like Roaming Hunger, Used Vending, and Food truck empire.

  • Local online classifieds: This is a good option; used trucks are cheaper, and if they are local, you can easily inspect them. 
  • National online classifieds: This will open a lot more inventory but get as many details and pertinent information about the truck from the seller as possible since you most likely won’t see it in person before pickup. 
  • New custom trucks: While this is the most expensive option, it is the best way to ensure that your truck is up to code and standards and that it can be customized to your specifications. 

Our application process is extremely fast, and we guarantee the most competitive rates of interest especially when you are getting truck loans in Brampton for instant loans. Don’t wait any longer.

If you need a food truck loan here is our Document Checklist

  1. Valid ID
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Article of Business Incorporation
  4. Last-three-month bank statements.
  5. Credit Application (download it here)

You can email all the documents to marketing@planetfinancial.ca or you can also get your free inquiry at 647-449-6060.

Click that “Apply Now” button to proceed with your desired food truck loan provider. Some clients will rather have some guidance throughout this process, so we also have the added option for you to pre-apply at Planet Financial for instant approvals. Our team will sort through your information and give you the best rate of interest all over Canada.  You can also Sign up for our newsletter for our recent updates and get special offers on food truck financing/refinancing. Apply online by filling up the credit application for quick approvals for your own or commercial food truck loans or call us and book an appointment. We would be happy to serve you.


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