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With so many options available, it can get a little overwhelming while buying a truck, especially if you are new buyer.
Here are some tips if you are buying a new truck or upgrading and existing one.

1. Research!

This may sound very basic, but it is a must, it is always good to know the types of trucks that are available and how they might be helpful to you. When you dig deep, you may realize that the truck that you need may just be in your budget.
Used trucks are also a great option for someone who is buying it for the very first time.

2. Used vs. New

Used vs. new, a forever debate. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, it is about finding the perfect truck at the cheapest price possible. If the truck is in a good shape and you are satisfied with the way it works, the New vs. Used debate can wait!

3. Understand how financing works.

Financing a truck? It can very tricky! Visit a few financing firms before you settle for one. A lot of money will be withdrawn from your pocket every month and you should understand each and every aspect of it. If you need help, the team at Planet Financial is always there to help you understand the process in detail!

4. Stay in your budget.

This one is essential, when you figure out your budget, you know how much you can afford to pay every month for the truck, during the process of finding the perfect truck, you may get distracted and settle on a truck which does not fit your budget. Never underestimate your monthly expenses, it can cause a lot of problem if you can’t pay off your truck loan. Wait until you find a truck that suits your needs and doesn’t strain your pocket.

5. Insurance

Another reason to thoroughly look at your budget, insurance costs, they can be very hefty. Always do a detailed research and find the best possible insurance for you. You can always ask your financing company to help you, we at Planet Financial help our clients get the best insurance deals possible.

6. Test Drive

Get a hang of the vehicle you will be spending so much money on. Try it out, if possible, several times. You need to be comfortable with it before you commit to it.

7. Always get the truck inspected.

You love the truck, the test drive was great, but you may not be familiar with technical stuff, it is always good to get it checked from a professional, before you buy it. If there is an underlying problem, the professional can detect it and save you the hassle of repairs after you buy it!

And that is it, you are ready to drive away in your own truck and be your own boss! Good Luck!

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