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6 reasons to lease your trailers

6 reasons to lease your trailer

Planet Financial is a leasing company in Canada especially if you are looking for a Canada leasing company in Brampton or Mississauga. Planet Financial is a leasing company that provides flexible trailer financing solutions for business owners turned away from traditional bank lending options.  In case you or any of your clients are seeking a beneficial non-bank alternative to purchase or refinance your new or used trailer, our team will work with you to help structure your truck and trailer loans, or leasing agreement to suit your needs and you can always get a free inquiry by calling us. We are available 24*7 to solve all your queries and find the right solution for your business related to trucks and trailers and provide you with trailers financing. If you are looking for a trailer leasing company in Winnipeg or a trailer leasing company in Calgary, we provide our services throughout Canada.

Trailers are the extra carrier vehicles you must have seen attached to the truck while driving on the highway. There are many types of trailers, each having a different load capacity and a different purpose. From the single-owner operator to large fleets, companies are turning to lease as their preferred choice for several reasons:

Greater Purchasing Power

Leasing enables you to get the right trailer for the job. Underperforming equipment comes with time and efficiency costs. For instance, you’re a small-scale crop farmer getting by with a cube van to transport your goods to market. Each trip you lose 10-15% of your stock to spoilage on the road. Getting a refrigerated trailer would come with a price tag. But, if that trailer could be paid for in manageable monthly installments during the harvest season and the cost of the trailer was offset by far lower spoilage rates, you’d easily be in the black.

Smaller, More Flexible Payments

If you’re looking forward to leasing equipment you will be paying less and the application process is far simpler. For example, if you work in grounds maintenance your busy times are seasonal. No one likes to be paying for a piece of equipment that’s sitting in the lot. Your lease can be arranged so that your payments are made seasonally and are only payable when your cash flow is most robust.

Adjust Your Fleet for Your Circumstances

Leasing keeps you flexible and ready to trade in, trade up, or eliminate as needed whereas while purchasing you are the owner of that equipment until you can buy something else.

Easy Upgrades

In Leasing, you can simply release your current equipment and start leasing the upgraded model. Imagine a couple of years down the road a new model comes out that has time and money-saving features you’d like to take advantage of. Had you bought the trailer, you’d now be trying to sell a used trailer at a fraction of what you paid for it. With leasing, you can upgrade at nearly any point during the lease term.

Healthy Cash Flow

The costs involved in purchasing a large piece of equipment can put a long-term pinch on your business savings making you less adaptable. Buying a trailer involves significant cash outlay upfront. New opportunities arise and markets change. Leasing eliminates this risk and frees up your savings. No one runs into hard times because of too much working capital.

Tax Deductions

Leasing allows you to write off the payments since they are used as pre-tax expenses. This helps you save money come tax time.

If you need a truck and trailers loans here is our Document Checklist:

  1. Valid ID
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Article of Business Incorporation
  4. Last-three-month bank statements.
  5. Credit Application (download it here)

You can email all the documents to helpline@planetfinancial.ca or you can also get your free inquiry at 905-678-0111. Click the “Apply Now” button to proceed with your desired trailer loan provider. Planet Financial is a Canada leasing company. Some clients will rather have some guidance throughout this process, so we also have the added option for you to pre-apply at Planet Financial. On Facebook, we have a Trucks and Trailers page where you can see used truck trailers or brand-new trailers and there are various used truck trailers on sale as well for you to get Trucks and trailers loans. Our team will sort through your information and give you the best rate of interest all over Canada. You can also Sign up for our newsletter for our recent updates and get special offers on trailer loans for Brampton.

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